Hello there! My name is Tyler but I go by Xolitude online. I’m currently in school and in the process of getting a degree in Computer Science.

Discord: Discord


World of Warcraft 2D is a passion project I started on August 21st of 2018. My goal is to re-create the vanilla World of Warcraft experience in 2D using Slick2D and Kryonet.

If you would like to help support the project, please contact me using the contact form and give me an insight into your experience. I have no real prior experience in game development myself but I am a decent programmer and thought this might be a fun project. Currently, I’m really looking for artists who can draw tilesets and sprites. As of right now, I will be unable to pay you for your work but it would be much appreciated.


Unfortunately, I do have a fear of Blizzard C&D’ing me but I’ll throw this up here anyway: WoW-2D is in no-way affiliated with Blizzard Entertainment.